Support Services

Speech Pathologist Circle Time

Speech Language Therapy

The speech / language program at Children’s Developmental Services provides screening, evaluation, and remediation to children who demonstrate delays in the acquisition of speech and language skills. Services are provided based on the individual needs of the child, which may include the following types of therapy:
  • Community preschools
  • Individual
  • Small group
  • Within the regular preschool classroom

Occupational & Physical Therapy

Occupational and physical therapy services are provided to those children in need of such services. Consultation and direct therapy services are utilized as supports to the early intervention program. Goals are focused on improving motor development, sensory skills, and self-care skills. Services are provided at the child's home, community preschool or childcare center.

Inter-Agency Coordinating Council

The Children’s Developmental Services co-chairs the Inter-agency Coordinating Council. The council consists of agencies that are involved in the provision of early intervention services to children in the community. The council’s main function is to assist in the coordinated effort and non-duplication of services to children with disabilities from birth to age 5.