Where can I get a copy of my traffic crash report?

Crashes within the Gillette city limits may be obtained by contacting the Gillette Police Department. Crashes investigated by the Wyoming Highway Patrol may be obtained by contacting the local highway patrol office at (307) 682-3550.

Crashes investigated by the Campbell County Sheriff's Office may be obtained at 600 W. Boxelder Road, Gillette, WY 82718 or obtained digitally through the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Please call (307) 687-6160 in advanced to ensure your report is completed and ready for release.

How do I obtain a copy of an incident report?

All requests for public records can be requested through the Public Records Request procedure pursuant to W.S. 16-4-201. To obtain a copy of an incident report you are a party, complete the Campbell County Sheriff's Office Records Release Form and forward to Cases under current investigation or that include pending charges will not be released from this office. Records requests for pending cases must be submitted to the Campbell County Attorney's Office. All reports are subject to a fee, see the Fee Schedule for more information. Personal checks are not accepted as payment.

How do I apply for an abandoned vehicle title?

Any vehicle left unattended on private property without the express consent of the owner or person in lawful control of the property for at least thirty (30) consecutive days may be sold by the owner or person in lawful control of the property at public auction to the highest bidder. W.S. 31-13-109

Vehicles purchased without clear title cannot be processed as an abandoned vehicle.

The following documents can be downloaded to assist you in the abandoned vehicle title process. Campbell County Sheriff's personnel are unable to provide legal advice. Please contact legal counsel for exigent circumstances.

How do I get my vehicle out of impound?

Impounded vehicles will be available for release upon proof of ownership, proof of current registration and proof of insurance if the vehicle is to be driven from the lot. All applicable fees must be paid in full. Vehicles seized for evidence will need a Release of Evidence from the County Attorney's Office.

How can I get a background check on myself?

A local background check can be obtained by filling out a local background check form. Contact the Sheriff's Office to obtain this form. A $10.00 cash or certified funds only fee is required at the time of request.