Surveying/GIS Division

Roles & Responsibilities

The purpose of the Surveying Division is to:
  • Assist in the coordination of GPS surveys within the county.
  • Conduct all surveys in and for Campbell County and keep a plat of all official surveys made on file in strict conformity to the field notes of the survey
  • Develop maps and plats to assist in topographic and property determination
  • Develop specifications and standards for various surveys
  • Provide assistance in construction staking for county projects including roads and site development
  • Provide engineers, lawyers, planners, government officials, and the public with surveying expertise as needed
  • Research, evaluate, and determine original property boundaries and land ownership within the county

Geographic Information Systems

The Campbell County Geographic Information Systems program provides maps and data to citizens and government to aid them in their work and decision making. The Surveying/GIS Division maintains an enterprise database that contains information from the city, county state, federal and other data stewards, making it available through internet maps and map products.

Voters can find their polling location on election day. Businesses looking to relocated to the area can check zoning districts and overlay with the parcel data to verify potential sites are appropriate for the use and size. These and many other questions can be answered utilizing the county GIS data.

For more information and to access County GIS mapping resources, visit our online page here.