NACo Rx Services

The National Association of Counties' (NACo) Prescription Drug Discount Program, available to millions of Americans of any age, income level, or health condition, has saved consumers more than $83 million on their prescription drug purchases at their local pharmacy. The average savings is about 22% per prescription. The actual savings per purchase ranges from 13% to 34%, depending on the drug.

The NACo prescription drug discount cards are free to obtain and easy to use. Pick one up at the Human Resources / Risk Management Office. There are no age, health or income restrictions on who can use the cards and there are no registration forms to fill out. The program offers uninsured or underinsured consumers with immediate, at-the-register discounts on their prescription drug purchases through a nationwide network of 57,000 participating pharmacists. This card is recognized at all Gillette pharmacies.

There is no cost to the county, county taxpayers, or consumers to participate in the program. CVS / Caremark negotiates the discounts directly with the pharmacies. Neither NACo nor the participating counties receive any revenue from the program.

The NACo card cannot be used in conjunction with other prescription drug insurance on any one purchase. However, consumers with insurance are allowed to use the card to purchase prescriptions that are not covered by their insurance.

This NACo prescription drug card is free and is available to Campbell County residents without regard to age, health or income. All commonly prescribed prescription medications, including pet medications, are eligible for a discount. The discounts are available to consumers who do not have prescription drug insurance or if the particular drug they need is not covered by their insurance.

For more information about the program, visit the NACo website.