40th Anniversary of the 4th of July Event

2023 40th Anniversary 4th of July Event 

Campbell County Parks and Recreation's  "Freedom Rings True, Under the Red, White, and Blue!" 



Strongwoman Challenge

  1. Sarah Rhoden-290 points
  2. Victoria Reyes-260 points (broke tie with boulder throw of 8’1”
  3. Loreana Mendenhill-260 points (broke tie with boulder throw of 7’10”

Pie Eating Contest

  1. Shawn Curtis
  2. Serenity Curtis
  3. Lilia Gerster
  4. Alaina Hudspeth
  5. Anthony Garza
  6. Tiffany O’Neil

Strongman Challenge

  1. David Hodge – 270 points (broke tie with 2 boulder throw offs, 1st =6’7”/ 2nd = 7’3”
  2. Chris Day – 270 points (broke tie with 2 boulder throw offs, 1st = 6’7”/2nd = 5’
  3. Corey Mayer – 260 points

Mud Volleyball Winners

Pit 1

NBA Champs were the Kings

Pit 2

NFL Champs were the Seahawks

Pit 3

MLB Champs were the White Sox

Kids Games Winners

Radio Flyer 3 in 1 stroll -n- trike = Shira Meyer

Go Trax Edge Hoverboard = Zane Steeg

Adjustable Roller Skates = Rylan Debuer

Flow 100 Scooter = Holly Smith

Carve 100 Scotter = Alex Wright
Gillette Physical Therapy 4 Mile Results

Age Group Results

Overall Results

Parade route map for general public parking


2023 40th Anniversary 4th Schedule of Events

2023 July 4 Schedule

2023 4th Event Schedule

2022 Results of July 4 Activities

Parade Photos



1st Place: David Hodge
2nd Place: Kris Miller
3rd Place: John Pafford


1st Place: Sunni Linse
2nd Place: Amanda Speas
3rd Place: Patience Blocher

Mud Volleyball

Bracket 1 Winners: Cowboys

Bracket 2 Winners: Texas Longhorns

Bracket 3 Winners: Ohio State Buckeyes

Kids Games:

18-36 month Blue Strider Bike Winner: Dar Bouzek
18-36 month Pink Strider Bike Winner: Dana Hale
Ripster Ripstick Winner: Raegan Oakley
Halo Supreme Big Wheel Scooter Winner: Brayden Saucedo

Pie Eating Contest


Jessica Greene 12:00 pm
Ivan Wold 12:30 pm
Sarah Black 1 p.m.
Sylvia Black 1:30 pm
Brittany Poitra 2 pm
Samantha Durtsche 2:30 pm