How do I get copies of historic photos?
Copies of historic photos in our collections are available. A computer is currently set up in our Research Area to allow visitors to access the museum's catalog of approximately 8000 historic images of Gillette and Campbell County, Wyoming.

All requests for photographic or digital reproductions are governed by the following conditions:

1. Permission is granted for ONE TIME NON-EXCLUSIVE USE ONLY. Photographic material may not be reused without written permission of the Campbell County Rockpile Museum (CCRM).

2. Items may be used for personal use only. Items reproduced for commercial purposes and/or publication must fill out a Permission to Publish Contract and may be subject to commercial use fees. A credit line is required and must be included with use of CCRM’s photos. It must state “Campbell County Rockpile Museum.”

3. CCRM reserves the right to limit the number of reproductions and may institute special fees for large orders or for items requiring special handling.

4. Copies, scans, or prints of the photographs used from these collections may not be deposited or placed on file in any repository without the express written permission of CCRM.

5. The paper copies, prints, or scans of photographs provided under the terms of this contract may not be used to produce additional paper copies or photographic prints.

6. Manipulation that alters the photograph in any way is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, cropping, colonization, overprinting, or altered digitization of the photograph.

7. If the terms of this contract are violated by the user, future requests of use of photographic images from the collections of CCRM may be refused. CCRM may also seek prosecution of the violator.

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