What are the responsibilities of the coroner?
•Certifying death certificates and cremation authorizations

•Evidence collecting


•Forensic photo documentation

•Meeting with immediate family

•Notification of death to legal next of kin

•On-scene investigation

•Presiding at autopsies

•Taking and gathering reports

•Toxicology tests

•Transportation of victims assuring chain of evidence security


The coroner also collaborates with:•Fire and rescue departments

•Funeral directors

•Law enforcement agencies




•Medical agencies

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1. What is the duty of the Coroner as mandated by Wyoming State statute?
2. What are the responsibilities of the coroner?
3. What types of cases does the coroner handle?
4. Who reports the death to the coroner?
5. Will an autopsy be performed?
6. What is an autopsy and where are they performed?
7. How do I obtain a copy of the autopsy report?
8. Where was the deceased taken?
9. How do I obtain personal property?
10. Who signs the death certificate and where do I obtain one?