Where is the North Landfill?

The North Landfill is located about 11 miles north of Gillette on Highway 59 the the Basin Electric Dry Fork Station Power Plant. From the intersection of Skyline Drive (Highway 50) and 2nd Street (near Tower's West Lodge and the Shell Station), go north about 7 miles to the junction of Highway 59 and 14-16 West (past Eagle Butte Mine and near the Rawhide School, turn right, and go another 4 miles to North Landfill Road on the left.  Watch for signs.  

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1. Where is the North Landfill?
2. What forms of payment does the landfill take?
3. What are the hours at the North Landfill? What about the South Landfill and CARE facility?
4. If I am a residential customer, step me through the process for using the fee-waived program?
5. Does the landfill take yard waste?
6. What items are not covered under the “free dump” policy?
7. How do I get information on recycling?
8. Do you accept non-friable asbestos?
9. Do you accept friable asbestos?
10. Do you accept petroleum contaminated soils (PCS)?
11. What can I do with my household chemicals (paint, cleaners, insecticides, etc.)?