Are there different types of Subdivision permits


An Administrative Plat is used for combining two lots or adjusting a lot line—A Simple Subdivision permit is for parcels 35 or greater, split into two lots, each lot 10-acres or greater—A Minor Subdivision is a subdivision that creates more than two lots, but not more than five, each lot being greater than 5-acres—A Major Subdivision is for subdivisions with 6 lots or more, or a subdivision with lots less than 5-acres in size. Specific regulations apply for each type of subdivision.

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1. I want to subdivide my property - are permits required by the County?
2. I want to give some property to an immediate family member (child, spouse, brother/sister, etc.), do I have to get a subdivision permit?
3. How do I start the process of subdividing?
4. Are there different types of Subdivision permits
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